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Why We Accept Dental Medicaid

I have enjoyed practicing dentistry in Longmont Colorado for more than 4 years. Often we would be asked if we accepted Medicaid. Traditionally, Medicaid dental reimbursement rates have been so low that it was difficult for a dental practice to meet their expenses and survive with Medicaid patients. Before Colorado started its new Dental Medicaid program in July, I had heard stories that the very few Medicaid dental offices in Colorado often overbooked patients, making them sit for hours waiting to see the dentist. Time with each patient was minimized to maximize income for the office.

Earlier this year I read an online story on the Denver Post's website about Colorado adding comprehensive dental benefits for adult patients. Reimbursement rates were improved so payments were similar to some traditional insurance plans. I was thrilled at this news and we were one of the first dental offices in Longmont to become a Dental Medicaid office.

A few weeks ago, one of my Medicaid patients made me realize something that I already knew in my heart. She was a very pleasant lady in her late fifties who had very well maintained teeth showing years of excellent dental care. A few of her older fillings were wearing out and I recommended replacing them with new fillings. She looked at me and said "Not too long ago I lost my job and I need to be very careful with my expenses". She continued, "I have this new dental insurance. I don't know what my deductible and co-payment amounts will be."

I told her that her "insurance" would cover 100% of the fillings, up to $1000 per year, with no deductible and no co-payment. Her face brightened and she told me how wonderful this was. She truly appreciated this "help" she was receiving.

There have been news reports of over utilization and other abuses in the Medical Medicaid program in Colorado. Medicaid has had a negative stigma in Colorado and other states. My experience has been that the administrators of the Dental Medicaid program in Colorado, DentaQuest, have effectively administrated the program to maximize benefits to these Coloradans who need assistance with their dental care without the waste and abuses traditionally associated with Medicaid. As my patient reinforced to me, Dental Medicaid in Colorado is similar to other types of dental insurance. There is nothing wrong with being a Dental Medicaid patient.

We treat all of our patients equally. We welcome Longmont Dental Medicaid patients.

Bruce E. Howell, DDS