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Dental Treatments Covered By Medicaid

Prior to April 1 of this year, only very limited emergency dental treatment was covered by Medicaid for adults. According to Susan E. Birch, MBA, BSN, RN, Executive Director of Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing, "Numerous studies have shown healthy teeth play a significant role in improving one’s self-esteem, impact economic opportunities and lead to a better quality of life.”

Thanks to a new Bill signed into Colorado law last year, beginning April 1, 2014 basic adult dental preventive, diagnostic and minor restorative dental services (such as x-rays and minor fillings) were added as benefits. After July 1, 2014 more comprehensive adult services such as root canals, crowns, partial and full dentures, periodontal scaling and root planing and extractions were also covered.

You may apply for Colorado Medicaid here